Busy Month

I am looking at my October planner and just realized i have no days off! My weekends are taken by online classes, lesson planning, and grading. My week days are taken by teaching, professional development, parent nights, and parent conferences. I am hoping i will get some time for going out with my family. I want to see the Where the Wild Things Are. Till then, i will keep my fingers crossed.

Hello World

Blogging is something I have heard of, but never got into until now. Apart of my assignment is to gain experiance in blogging or creating one. So, I decided to create one. I am not sure how it will turn out or who will be reading my blog.

Anyways, my name is Ophie. I am a kindergarten teacher and I have been teaching for three years on the Navajo Reservation. I can not imagine myself teaching another grade. I love teaching kindergarten and do not want to do anything else. Well, if you happen to find my blog, please leave a comment or share your thoughts. Thank you.